RCS organized an Inter-School Cricket Tournament for boys under 14 years of age at Afzaal Ground Latifabad between 12th and 15th November 2016. All leading schools in the city of Hyderabad were invited. The following schools participated in this first ever tournament meant for boys under 14.

The City School Liaquat Campus
The Fahims School
The Educators Campus 1
Foundation Public School
The City School Jinnah Campus
Rockford Cambridge School
Cadet College Petaro

All teams exhibited their talent and skills in the game of cricket in different rounds of matches that were organized. Passing through various stages, the two teams that qualified for the final match were from Cadedt College Petaro and the Educators Campus 1.

After a very toughly fought match, Cadet College Petaro was successful in securing the Winner’s Trophy while the Educators’ team bagged the Runner up prize.

The event was attended by school heads, teachers and students from all participating institutions and was covered by local media.