Spelling Bee

Spelling is the clothing of words, their outward visible sign,

Mary Norris

In the age of technology, one of the biggest challenges that human being are faced with is how to remain loyal to the true spelling of words in use when majority of people is using short-forms, abbreviations, phonetic spellings mostly. However popular these new ways of spelling words maybe, there is no denying the fact that correctly spelt words in poetry and prose are still a vital sign of how literate an individual is. This very fact makes the educationists emphasize on the need to teach pupils to spell words correctly. Besides regular teaching, RCS organizes spelling competition in school to make learning a more exciting and joyous experience by adding the colour of challenge and competition to it. Not only this, RCS also sends teams of pupils in all age categories when the annual DAWN Spelling Bee competition is held in the city of Hyderabad.