Social Events

Welcome Party

This in an important regular feature of A level programme at RCS. Every year, the existing student body at A level organizes a Welcome Party for the newcomers. The entertainment quotient in these parties is at its peak as fun and entertainment break all boundaries through extraordinary performances by the existing students in various areas of performing art. The soulful singing, the maddeningly ecstatic dance renditions, highly spirited acting performance in short plays make it a grand opening of the college life for A level students. The pleasant memories of this event keep echoing in their minds during their sojourn in this institution.


The arrival of spring announces the commencement of fun time at RCS. The children experience a big food and fun carnival in which senior students set up games and food stalls and rest of the students become prospective customers. The experience is not only a huge stock of fun but proves to be a constructive learning experience for all pupils who put up stalls. From intensive planning to the successful execution, children undergo a matchless experience of how real life business planning is carried out. The learning acquired from this event proves to be more permanent and productive than studying the similar concepts from books in their relevant classroom.


Visiting various places not only proves to be a fun experience but also plays an important role in broadening our thinking horizon. Excursions to different places for pleasure or work should be an integral part of a learning programme for a wide range of reasons such as giving a break from tedious routine of studies, having an opportunity of hanging around with friends to collect memories for future, gaining firsthand experience of the places that we usually study in school etc.  We, at RCS, organize visit to various places such as some locally located park, restaurant, and market or out-of-city amusement park, institution and factories.

Farewell Party

All is well that ends well. To make the ending of school/ college life an unforgettable memory, nothing could be better than organizing a formal farewell that leaves inerasable marks in the memory of graduating students. The event not only marks the end of school/college journey but also serves as an opportunity to bid best wishes to graduating students. The sentiments of all graduating students reach a high point as they are faced a mixed feeling of pain and anticipation. The eyes are filled with tears when they recollect the memorable times spent in this institution but they shine bright with the anticipation of a bright future that awaits them in their university lives.  The treasure of memories that is collected during this night in form of words that are exchanged and the photos that are taken continue to mesmerize them for the rest of their lives.