Public Speaking

Speech is a unique ability that man has been endowed with. This is undoubtedly the most important factor in making human beings what they actually are today. The most important contribution made towards evolution of human civilization was the ability of man to communicate with each other using their ability to speak. An effective educational programme must encourage the growth of this innate ability that man possesses. Keeping this in view, we offer a number of opportunities to our children at RCS to acquire the skills of public speaking or nurture further growth of this natural ability of man that has been in use to inform, influence or entertain audiences since the dawn of human civilization.

Public Speaking Cub

The fact that public speaking is an important skill that can be further developed through proper training laid the foundation for this initiative at RCS. Interested candidates are allowed to attend a weekly held session with professional speakers in the town in their own respective campuses to acquire necessary training for appropriate growth of this highly valued skill. The sessions are held on weekend in the evening without disturbing the regular studies of pupils in their school hours.

Speech and Debate Competition

These competitions are a regular feature of the curricular activities that take place across all levels in school. Interested candidates are given opportunities to participate in these regularly held sessions in Urdu, English and Sindhi languages. Language teachers make untiring effort to make these events possible. The candidates that participate and those who end up securing positions are appreciated and acknowledged through applause, accolades and certificates.

Inter-School Parliamentary Debates

This is a unique feature at RCS. The school organizes Inter-School World-style Parliamentary Debates every year. Students from all leading schools in the city of Hyderabad take part in this team-based event. The event fills the air with excitement and enthusiasm as teams travel through the various stages of this competition with great zeal and fervor to qualify for the final round. This always proves to be a worth-watching experience in terms of the content that is brought under discussion during debates as well as the competitive style and delivery that the contesting participants adopt.