Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony

Achievement doesn’t sound to be a big thing until it is appropriately sung. Children work hard day-in-day-out to be able to excel in academic pursuits. Students’ effort are duly acknowledged and appreciated in a ceremony that is held at the end of every academic year to sing praise for the high-achievers. The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony actually brings an academic year to a glorious end by awarding certificates and commemorative shields to pupils who do excellently well in examination. The event is attended by parents of all high achievers and a wide range of activities are carried out to display children’s potential in various areas of performing arts. The group dances that innocent creatures stage and the soulful singing that sweet singers do in chorus fill the air with unimaginable zeal and fervor. The funny but meaningful skits and dramas that children perform provide us opportunities to witness varying talent and abilities that our children possess.