Primary School

The RCS Primary School Educational Parogramme (PSEP) includes learning in  the subjects in language arts (English, Urdu and Sindhi), mathematics, science and social sciences and religion in a child-centered environment. It incorporates a strong reading program to support language and literacy learning. The academic framework consists of four essential elements: concepts, knowledge, skills and attitudes.


The Primary School Educational Programme (PSEP) at RCS is a thoughtful blend of the objectives set in the National Primary School Curriculum of Pakistan and the research outcomes from all over the world.

Class and Age Level

The Primary School Educational Programme is a five-year long programme which is split into five levels from Grade I to Grade V.

Grade I 6+
Grade II7+
Grade III8+
Grade IV 9+
Grade V10+

Assessment and Examination

The academic year is divided up into three terms.

Duration Rounds of Assessment Examination
Term I April and MayOne round at the end of May No End-of- Term Examination
Term IIAugust to NovemberTwo Rounds; 1. In September 2. In October End-of-Term Examination in November
Term III December to March Two Rounds; 1. In January 2. In February End-of-Term Examination in March