Middle School

The RCS Middle School Educational Parogramme (MSEP) aims at preparing the child for further education in the field of study they are required to choose at the end of this level. The Middle School Curriculum works towards providing a strong foundation for learning to take place at later stage which grows to be more complex and specialized.


To facilitate learning at all stages to come is the ultimate target of MSEP. It focuses on ensuring that the child learns the academic concepts and skills that are crucial in future pursuits in the domain of secondary and higher secondary education.

The key subjects taught at this level include;

  • languages (Urdu, English, Sindhi)
  • mathematics
  • science
  • social studies
  • islamiat
  • computer studies

Class and Age Level

MSEP is divided into three levels spread over a period of three years. The classes are termed as Prep I, II and III as they are believed to be preparatory years for secondary education.

Prep I 11+
Prep II12+
Prep III13+

Assessment and Examination

The academic year is divided up into three terms.

Duration Rounds of Assessment Examination
Term I April and MayOne round at the end of May No End-of- Term Examination
Term IIAugust to NovemberTwo Rounds; 1. In September 2. In October End-of-Term Examination in November
Term III December to March Two Rounds; 1. In January 2. In February End-of-Term Examination in March


At end of Middle School, the child reaches the crossroad where he has to decide what field of study he wants to pursue in life to come. RCS has a well-defined programme in place to help students reach a stage where they thoughtfully analyze all future options and make an informed decision for their future. Choices with regards to stream of studies (O level or Matriculation) and subjects are made at RCS with the help of professional career counselors.