Main Features

The academic programmes on offer at RCS have the following characteristics which cater for the holistic development of pupils.

Levels Or Divisions

The entire education programme has been divided into five different levels according to the educational curriculum of Pakistan as defined in the National Curriculum.

Early Year Educational Programme.
Primary School Educational Programme.
Middle School Educational Programme.
Secondary School Educational Programme (O level as well as Matriculation).
Higher Secondary Educational Programme (A level).
All these level observe continuity and progression as pupils are provided adequate support and guidance to be ready to move up to next stage with ease and confidence.

Emotional Development

Children pass through different stages of life during their stay at school. Each stage has its own set of experiences and challenges. The educational programme at RCS pays due attention to the emotional development of pupils at all these stages. Helping him realize the norms and values attached with each phase of life (childhood, adolescence, teenage) serves as an important objective of education at the school.

Physical Development

Like academic development, physical education lies at the core of educational programme at RCS across all levels. Sports coaching and playing and physical training are carried out on regular basis in and outside school. Annual sports day is an important highlight of the physical education programme.

Aesthetic Development

Activities that provide opportunities to students to develop their creativity through music, art and dance are organized as part of school routine practices. The art activities that are regularly carried out include painting, colouring, sketching, sculpting and converting trash items into beautiful artifacts. The School also organizes an annual Art Exhibition in which items prepared by young artists in school are kept on sale to raise funds for social causes. Music classes engage children in singing, playing of instruments and listening to different forms of music.

Moral Development

The School pays due attention to the development of students in areas of faith and nationhood. All national days of importance are celebrated at school with high spirits and every single day starts with the recitation of the holy verses from Quran and the soulful singing of the National Anthem. Religious studies are an integral part of academic plan at the school.

Social Development

The curriculum at RCS works towards making a child a responsible social being. Besides, realizing one’s own potential and abilities, it is also very important to develop a sense of responsibility towards others.


The school offers counseling to its pupils at every stage. The pupils with difficulties in learning or with behavioural issues are provided adequate counseling to channelize their potential in the right direction. Professional career advisors provide support and guidance with regard to the choice of stream of studies, subjects etc.

Partnership With Parents

The school strongly believes that pupils’ performance in all areas of education is fairly enhanced when there is an active partnership developed with parents. Parent-Teacher Meeting is an important practice at the school. Besides, one-on-one sessions are also conducted with parents when a student is faced with some serious obstacle in his learning.

Assessment and Examination

Assessment of learning is extremely crucial in facilitating learning of all pupils involved. We strongly believe that assessment is an on-going process that supplements and complements learning at the same time. The assessment practices and procedures at RCS involve both major types of assessments i.e. formative and summative.