Early Year Education

Children do not just grow in size. They develop, evolve, and mature, mastering ever more complex understandings of the people, objects and challenges in their environment. There is a general pattern or sequence for development that is true of all children. However, the rate, character and quality of development vary from child to child. Early Childhood Education (ECE) refers not only to what is happening within the child, but also to the care that child requires in order to thrive.

National Curriculum, Early Childhood Education, Government of Pakistan


The key academic areas that the Early Year Education Programme (EYEP) at RCS covers the following areas.

  • Language and literacy development
  • Mathematics
  • Awareness of social surroundings and values
  • Logical reasoning
  • Expressive arts and design

Class and Age Level

The Early Year Education Programme at RCS is divided up into three levels spread over a span of three years according to the age and aptitude of children.

Classes Age
Playgroup 3 +
Nursery 4+

Assessment and Examination

There is no written assessment and examination at this level. The assessment in these grades is of formative nature. The progress of pupils is measured in all the areas set in the Early Year Education Programme (EYEP) through a checklist that teachers possess. The assessment happens on regular basis in an on-going form and the results are communicated to parents through a specifically devised report card.