Principal’s Message

‘The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.’

-Carl Rogers

These words gave a new shape to my existing beliefs concerning education in modern day context. Fundamentally, I have always believed that education serves two primary purposes: telling the difference between right and wrong and inculcating habits and skills to help us follow what we unanimously consider to be ‘right’.

We are living in a transitional word that is changing as we speak. The norms and values we had once held so dear are being questioned and the knowledge and skills that our educational system so resolutely inculcated are gradually becoming impractical and obsolete. This leaves us all in a state of acute confusion and uncertainty. In such challenging times, we need to focus all our energy on helping our children develop ability and aptitude to maneuver the phenomenon of change that is rightly said to be the most ‘constant thing in life’.

Thus, our greatest responsibility lies in removing this ‘fog of uncertainty.’ The crux of all educational programmes should be to allow the growth of all human faculties to cause positive change in society and enable people to face the challenges that it involves. This fundamental belief lies at the heart of all our academic and non-academic practices and procedures.

The Principal